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Building Renovation Services

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Plumbing Works

Plumping plays the crucial aspects of any building which is responsible for bridging clear water and carrying the wastewater out. If you do not remove the waste and debris from the premises, then it will lead to trips, falls and slips. Aarthy Construction does Plumbing work contractors in chennai which provides the complete range of plumbing and fitting services. We are best in using the latest technology, strategy formula. Plumbing helps to avoid the spread of illness by providing clean and fresh water and it removes the waste from the premises. Plumbing services really means the design, construction, installation, service, repair, replacement, modification, alteration of the fixtures, pipes and others. We do all kinds of work in plumbing like Sanitary Ware fittings, Concealed pipeline work, Booster pumps, Rain Shower fittings, Bathroom fittings, and more. Our extensive experienced professionals satisfy the clients’ requirements. We mainly use the best quality of pipes which are certified in the industry. Get our support for replacements like bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, power flush, toilets, rubs, showers, backflow protection.

Tiles & Granite

Aarthy Construction, We are the top Tiles and Granites flooring contractors in chennai. We are best in offering the wider range of Tiles & Granite products which includes the tiles, slabs, countertops, monuments, landscape stones, vanity tops and artefacts. Talking about our granite is available in different types of colours, patterns, sizes and finishes.

Furthermore, our happy consumers say, our granite products have more durability, beauty, and they have more versatility for the ideal applications like the cladding, flooring, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, memorials, and then outdoor spaces. Our Tiles & Granite changes the entire look of your house. Our Granite stone gives the classy elegant look, suits for your cabinets, kitchen counters, shelves, flooring etc.

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False Ceiling Works

A person who enters in your room, firstly they are notice ceiling right, If you are make your ceiling the attractive and elegant look. Nowadays, our false ceiling has more demand. We are the top False ceiling contractors in chennai. We are using different types of good quality material to make this artificial roof. It plays a major integral part of your home construction and it also increases the room appearance. Increase the aesthetic beauty and it makes a great impression. Multiple false ceilings are available in the market but choosing the best false ceiling with an affordable price is the difficult task. But you do not need to worry about that, our Aarthy Construction creates your expected false ceiling with reasonable costs.

If you are looking for the best home decor, then a false ceiling is a suitable choice for you. Our false ceilings give a clean, neat and uniform look to your room. And it also provides a rich quality environment to increase work efficiency.

Electrical Works

Coming to the electrical work, We are the leading Electrical work contractors in chennai. Dealing with electrical work on its own is a dangerous task to do, otherwise, we need to get help from our professionals to solve any electrical issue quickly. Otherwise, if you have new connections, needs more electrical support, we are here for all kinds of needs. We have specialised workers for these construction works which are related to the designs, installation and then maintenance of electrical systems.

We know different types of electrical contractors are available here but we do all kinds of the work, especially the inside electrician, outside electricians and then integrated building systems electricians.

We are the best in performing any kind of electrical duties such as electrical set up, rewiring, panel installation, replacement, upgrading, whole house surge protection, ceiling fan installation, repair, fixture installation, entire house surge protection and more.

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Painting Contractors

We Are Best In High End Painting

Painting, which brings added beauty for your home, we are bringing your expected designs and structures with our painting service. Without the painting, the room is considered an incomplete one. We are the professional painting contractors in chennai. Our professionals have good knowledge about paint tools, timeliness, adept new technical skills and more. Before making the schedule for your work, you have to check our ratings, reviews, year of experience and compare our service with others.

We are one of the most famous in painting contracting works. You have to select your favourable categories like textures, waterproofing, interior/exterior textures, wood finishes and more.


If you think of renovating your house, then choosing the right painting contractors is the essential work to do. We make your task easier by providing the best designs and painting works to you. It acts as one of the last steps in the renovation process. Our painting works ensure the even coat, smooth and then beautiful finished product work.

Carpentry Work

Get the top-class reliable carpentry works in chennai, Our trained professionals and experienced team members are done with your work within a few seconds. Build your furniture as per your needs and get the remodelling fresh look as per your needs. When you want to care and maintain your homes, then carpentry works play a crucial role. Change the overall structure, foundation and then architecture of the home with the powerful carpentry works.

In general, the carpentry work is more tricky, complex and dangerous to do. Despite this, if you have the professionals, then they can complete the work without any issues. Then dial up our services to do your work quickly. Carpentry work is more effective when you are finishing the projects in the timely manner. 

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MS & SS Grill

Grills act as the guardian for your balconies and windows, keeping your home more secure from thefts and burglars. We are top MS & SS Grill installation Contractors in chennai. We are using the different types of materials to make window grills are Aluminum, steel, and then Iron.

In general, the bright steel or Mild steel have more durability and sturdiness. We are promising that you will feel more captive due to grills installed in your windows and balconies especially, if you have the kids or children at home.

Get the high-end modern look to your home, SS is more sturdy, strong and then maintenance-free because it has the top coating of chromium oxide. Furthermore, the SS grills look more sophisticated and have a superior finish. It prevents the intruders from entering your home and serves the child-safety features. It avoids the risks of your child falling from the window. Choose our MS and SS grill for great security and designs.